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  • Adam Eric & Corbin
    The Cutest baby there ever was would just happen to be my nephew and god-son. Currently residing in Columbia MD, with my brother Eric and his lovely wife Melissa.

Pride 2005

  • Imgp0163
    Dave and I were asked to DJ the Marriage Equality California San Franciscop Pride Parade. We gladly lent our time and tunes. As you can see from the pictures, we had a good time. Adam & Dave's Gay Pride Playlist. (Not in this order, not a complete list, just highlights) 1. Going to the Chapel - Dixie Cups 2. We are Family - Sister Sledge 3. Giant - Melissa Ethridge 4. Signed, Sealed & Delivered (DJ Smash Essential Funk Mix) - Stevie Wonder 5. Express Yourself - Madonna 6. Boys & Girls - Blur 7. Rock With You - Michael Jackson 8. Love and Marriage - Frank Sinatra (Married with Children Theme Song) 9. Love Cats - The Cure 10. You Started Something - Crazy Penis 11. Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie 12. Don't You Want Me Baby - Human League 13. This Love - Maroon 5 14. Let's Dance & Young Americans - David Bowie 15. Marriage (Billy Crystal Monologue) - The Princess Bride
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A Movement Against War_San Francisco_2003

  • Crowd_shotgirl_wskateboard
    San Francisco during the build up to war was a hotbed of discontent not only over the invasion of Iraq, but of a wide range of policies that have affected the nation. We were over 100,000 strong, we were heard. Many disagree that it matters not. That peaceful protest is ineffective. I say stand up and be counted. Having faith that my vote will be counted, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people who all wished good will was a powerful experience. There were all kinds out, but mostly moms, dads, brother and sisters, children.. young and old. A large swatch of the public cried out for peace.. Often creatively.

Zombie's in Union Square

  • J.  And still know how to ride the bus home..
    I was wandering around downtown one pleasant Saturday afternoon with my dear friend Jen and was accosted by Zombies who jumped me right at Powell and Market right by the Trolley car turnaround. They jumped me and got some brains... I had enough left to take the bus home...

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Ah, the land of the free!
You have the right to free speech as long as you speak English.
best regards, Greg


Lady Gaga is probably my biggest guilty pleasure in music. I can't explain why I like her.
And you?


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