> Costa Rica

An amazing line of tangerine as the sun sets on the way to Costa Rica
Waiting in line to get through Customs...
Tranquilio backpackers Hostel - First Night in Costa Rica
Nick and Melissa, I met them at the hostel and we walked around San Jose the first morning there.
Statue in San Jose
Casa Verde, my home in Puerto Viejo
Foliage in Puerto Viejo
As I stroll down the street in PV, I watch out for the number one killer in Costa Rica, Coconuts!
The cove at the edge of town
The cove from anther angle.  It's mostly a coral beach.
The tree lined beaches rule!
Tico kids play in the surf...
None of animals are on leashes or boxed up... even the horses roam around town.
Amazing little beach I found wandering around on a rented bike.
Ahhhhhh....  just seeing it makes me breath deeply.
These are everywhere...
So are these...  Crabs everywhere.
A good traveler does not care how long it takes or get there or if he ever does....
Overlooking the Dole/ Del Monte bananna plantations
Bananna Plantations
Me amigo Jeremey who i rented scooters with and we hiked up to the waterfalls.
Me and my scooter.
Mini waterfall on the way to the big one.
Hike this way...
We were met by this guide who gave us pineapple at the falls with his group of Isreali girls!
Me and Jeremy at the falls.  We climbed up and dove off the falls.  Clean and wonderful water.
More falls.
Waterfall anyone?
We passed this tico on horseback on our way back from the falls.
Casey and Stacy, a wonderful couple on thier pre-moon I met and drank and played pool with at length
River towards Manzanilla
Manazanilla where we heard Howler Monkeys.  Think death metal monkeys.
Jeremy along the beach at Punta Uva.
Adam at Punta Uva
My beach front room in Cahuita at Cabinas Jenny.
The view from my beach front room at Cabinas Jennys.
Fallen tree along the beach in the National Park in Cahuita.
Beach along national park in Cahuita.
Neato tree.
Fallen flower along the beach.
Beach front.
This was my view everywhere.  Palm trees lining the beach everywhere. Beats a corona commercial!
Lizards everywhere...
Path in the national park in Cahuita.
More path in Cahuita
So hot even the dogs must take mid day siestas..
On the ride towards the rafting trip.
On the ride towards the rafting trip.
On the ride towards the rafting trip.